Best Case

Michael Kitces is a guy who has influenced my career in countless ways, to great effect. To categorize him as a “thought leader” would understate his impact.

The wizard of financial planning.

The wizard of financial planning.

A few weeks ago he tweeted an infographic that I’d like to share with yall. It describes what I’d call Best Case - the best case scenario for an advisory relationship.

I often say that the advice I give my clients has to fit in the fabric of their lives. I am not a miracle worker; anything and everything I do is constrained by the context of the client’s life.


It’s almost disconcerting to witness someone boil down your work so accurately. On the other hand, describing my “value proposition” (thank you, every industry consultant ever) is a challenge for me because it feels corny. This is a big help.

Since simplicity is everyone’s friend, I’m going to try and start framing my financial planning services in these terms. Reduce complexity, take action, make better tradeoffs. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Robinson Crawford