Retirement budgeting & bolstering income media features

Thank you Google Alerts - we were featured in a couple interesting articles by Jackie Lam over the past week.

How to Bolster Your Income In Your 50s

MoneyManagement International

If you keep earning more in your 50’s, you bolster you social security earnings base. Anyone - even 20 year olds - can see their earnings history according to the Social Security Administration - I suggest you log on to and register for an account if you haven’t ever done so before. You may even catch an error.

Budgeting in Retirement: The First 5 Years

Quicken’s ZING Blog

I got to talk about values-based budgeting! Carl Richards is the inspiration for this. You should budget based on what’s important to you - that’s even more important with a spouse or life partner. Also warned to look out for RMD’s, which many underestimate.

Robinson Crawford