Current questions I find interesting

Graham Duncan has a great blog in general, but today I’d like to specifically hijack his post with the exact same title of this post.

Current questions I find interesting

Here are mine:

  • How do I delight all of my clients beyond their wildest dreams?

  • What returns can we expect from our portfolios?

  • When will value investing work again?

  • What is my dog thinking about?

  • What will I look back on in ten years and wish I had been working on?

  • How can I be a kinder, more empathetic, and gentler practitioner?

  • Will Tesla be worth $0 before June of 2020? (Disclosure: short via put option contracts)

  • How do we maximize healthspan?

  • How much money is “enough”?

  • What will capitalism look like in 2040?

Robinson Crawford