Things that actually matter

I’ve had this one saved for a while.

James Osborn is a financial planner a few years older than me who captured my interest years ago because he’s brash, unapologetic, and a unique voice in our industry full of fluff & BS.

He runs a solo practice out of Colorado and tweets good stuff. An interesting podcast with him is here.

Back in October, James lamented that too many advisors ask him stupid questions, and few ask him good ones, leading to this summary of what he thinks actually matters:


I love it. Here are my attempts at answers:

  1. I’m Robinson. est. 1990, I live in the Sonoran desert, I’m the youngest of 4, I love fiction, the NBA, dogs, and salmon sushi.

  2. My value proposition is that I’m a fee-only CFP® who can serve clients of any size, and I don’t employ gimmicks, fibs, or sales tricks. I love to help and I’m a great listener.

  3. 95% of financial advisors have a major conflict of interest that they haven’t solved because they don’t care enough. (Or their clients don’t care enough.) Among those I consider to be the top 5%, my offering is different insofar as an individual is different from any other - you’ll simply have to interact with me to see if it suits you. I also offer flat fees which puts me in a set totaling perhaps 0.5% of all advisors (that is a guess).

  4. My first goal is to ~delight~ 50 clients so much that they don’t fire me, even though they can at any time. I don’t aspire to join or build a big RIA firm - a solo practice, perhaps with a bit of administrative assistance, is more than enough for me.

Robinson Crawford