• The danger of bias in your own financial behavior begets a buddy system.
  • Incentives are the most critical factor in a financial advisory relationship.
  • Great financial advice is data-driven, contextual, and intellectually honest.
  • Factors > hunches and evidence > excitement.


In 2011, we formalized our shift in thinking and adopted a new manager-centric capital allocation framework. In our new framework, our primary goal is to identify exceptional investment managers who we believe will be excellent long-term fiduciaries for investor capital.
— MIT Investment Management Company 2017 Letter

Investment Methods

We invest primarily in funds managed by independent third party firms.

We have no financial relationship with any of these firms - rather, our research indicates that they offer investment products with value above & beyond their costs. 


Investments always include the risk of loss. This page does not constitute a recommendation, endorsement, or advice regarding of any of the aforementioned investment firms, strategies, or funds. Please read fund prospectuses before making any investment.