What's expected of me as a client?

Our ideal client is engaged, motivated, and inquisitive. It is expected that you respond to our inquiries within a reasonable period of time, ask for guidance when needed, and most importantly, be truthful and candid with us.

You're asking for a lot of personal information. Are you taking care of it?

Absolutely. We take privacy and security very seriously. Please read our privacy policy.

Can we discuss my 401(k), stock options, mortgage, inheritance, taxes, etc.?

If you are to be a client, it's critical that we discuss all of the above.

Do I need to live near Phoenix to work with you?

Definitely not. You will need to have a U.S. social security number or tax ID.

Are you taking new clients?

Yes, subject to a minimum annual fee of $20,000.

Is it risky to invest with you?

Investing with us, with another firm, by yourself, or anywhere is risky insofar as you are all but guaranteed to lose money at some point. There are no free lunches in investing.

What kind of investments do you use?

Primarily, ETFs and mutual funds through providers & managers whom we believe add value. Individual stocks, closed-end funds, and partnership units are also on the menu.

What does fee-only mean & why should I care?

"Fee-only" is a movement in the financial advice industry to create transparency between clients and advisors. It means that an advisor is only compensated by explicit fees which clients can clearly see and understand, as opposed to embedded commissions, product revenue, or referral arrangements. You should always care about how your professional service providers are compensated.

What exactly does Montebello Avenue do?

We give straightforward, contextual financial advice and manage investment portfolios for ourselves and our clients. Read our Principles and explore our Services.

Robinson Crawford, CFP®

Any other questions?

A great advisor prioritizes his clients’ values and aspirations above all else. My job is to listen, understand, and work alongside you to ensure that your money works for you - not the other way around.